Another glorious day to begin again!

Nov. 1 2006. It is the perfect day to actually begin to write my blog. Be gentle as I am a virgin blogger. I am on a mission in this life to help everyone who REALLY WANTS to be healthy and happy – to do just that!
I think I was born with a bit of an edge as I don’t remember not feeling happy each morning I wake up. It also helped to have a mama that loved us more than anything. Don’t think I haven’t had to face challenges over the year and had to work to survive and keep my happy face! My life has been at least 6 or 7 different lives, and maybe more!
I have been married more than once, a widow, beat up more than once, had a battle with liking alcohol more than I should, have been up and down, violet and peaceful, miserable and happy, and have had many reasons just to call it quits! However – I am a survivor. Beyond being a survivor, I tried being “miserable”. It SUCKED, so I gave it up! Seriously, it is a choice. It may not come instantly, but if you so choose change some habits, it will come.
I have been a counselor / consultant / and friend to MANY women over the years, and truly want to share some wonderful lessons I’ve learned(if anyone is interested) , and lessons others have shared with me.
I recently was published (a small book on how to care for an elderly person, not go insane, and make them happy too). This week I have
a relaxation CD debuting. I have specialized in relaxation techniques
and teaching people to manage stress for over 20 years and LOVE what I do!
I have seen people create miracles in their lives. It’s not me – it’s changes people have been willing to incorporate in their lives.
I hope to sell lots of both before Christmas as I think both are gifts that will “keep on giving”. I believe totally in what I do and therefore
can honestly say this.
Over the years many people have tried to get me to write a column answer questions people send in / or do a radio show (someone suggested Dr. Love:). I think blogging, from what little I know about it, seems like it may be perfect access to get started helping. I’ve been helped over the years and have been given great health, and I
really think it will be fun to share!
Please think about whatever it is that you need help with (except loaning $$$ of course) and maybe I can help.
CREATE a wonderful day!

3 Responses to “Another glorious day to begin again!”

  1. RubyShooZ Says:

    No loans? Aww! Oh well. 🙂

    Welcome to the world of blogging, glad you could join us here and best wishes to you in your endeavours. (Hope I spelled that right, I don’t have time to get the dictionary out as I usually do)

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome!

  3. Andrés Says:

    Good blog!
    Nice header image!

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