Did you ever have one of those days?

WELL I DID TODAY! But that’s okay – NOTHING is going to upset me for more than a few minutes. I just don’t have time to be bothered with all the things this world throws at us – nor will I let someone else or something (like for instance a scanner that doesn’t work) take away my fun.
I may NOT be a “girl”, but this woman has a child within and just wants to have fun and love and laugh – I want to die laughing! (not today though:).

It’s been raining and cool and I love it. I look at the leaves on the trees that have turned from green to orange and now bright red and I know soon the tress will be naked for a time until the bursting of spring brings everything to life again. I never tire of nature – it is healing and always
awesome if we can just remember to stop for a moment and enjoy it.

My children have told me at times that I am just too happy or that I can’t be that positive about everything. I wasn’t always. Believe me. When I touched my head and realized that my waist length hair had been pulled out by the roots I wasn’t thrilled. Nor was I exhuberant when I was thrown head first into a tree and hit the tree with my face.

That’s just two of my memories of “learning experiences” that have happened in my life. I may have been just born a survivor, but it took lots
of exercising my thoughts and training myself to become the happy person I am. Afterall, if we spend our lives reliving misery, or angry and sad,
what does it accomplish? NOTHING. IT JUST TRASHES ANY CHANCE OF HAPPINESS AND PEACE WE HAVE AVAILABLE! We do have wonderful brains that can keep learning no matter how we have diligently tried to kill all the cells by the “party on” philosophy. I’ve been there too – big time.
I survived to tell the tales and maybe to help someone else to make a few better decisions! I surely hope so.

My hunk of a husband is home today because of the rain so I think I will call it a blog day and see if I can corner him! 🙂 I hope whomever is
reading this (if anyone) will CREATE a great day and ENJOY IT!


One Response to “Did you ever have one of those days?”

  1. sanjiwan pradhan Says:

    Marsa ,
    how u doing (sorry for using punk kind of words).I do think your way. People may grow older but the desire remains ever younger.Though distany hits hard but the desire remains indifferent.

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