This is like playtime!

What a lovely freedom it is to express myself knowing that someone may be reading this – or not!
It doesn’t really matter. The thing that makes me smile is that I have the access to be able to do this (something we might take for granted) – and that I have my brain cells in order, and am capable of doing this. I say these are blessings. Ahh, some might say luck, or just something most everyone has, whatever!

I have vowed never to take anything for granted. Material things come and go, it’s true, but whatever happens I believe all good things come from God. God is the same for us all and different too. We each have a vision of whom God may be, and a name we choose. I know – not everyone believes in a supreme being and though I do – I also believe “EACH MAN AND WOMAN MUST CHOOSE” – and has the right to do so. I support and respect each persons right.

Mike and I went for a walk in the woods today with our german shepherd/wolf dog. The leaves were a mix of green, yellow, orange, and red and as I took each step the ones that had already left the trees crunched under my feet. Buck darted forward on the trail and then would turn to make sure we were still in sight. The sound of Crystal Creek was strong and rapid, more than I’d expected for this time of year.

It was just a two mile walk, but the great thing was that it was created in 1893 by a man in French Gulch, California. He dug (I am sure with help) a water way next to the path and it filled with water from Crystal Creek and was used to provide water for homesteads in those days. Man is clever when he chooses to use the brain cells instead of diminish them. I’ve been “there” too!

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