Just wanted to say Good Morning! I hope whomever is reading this will remember today, no matter what happens, “it’s not what happens to us – but how we respond that makes the difference.” We can’t control what happens, but we can ALWAYS make the
choice to respond in a way that may shock people – with a positive response. I always
look for a lesson in what happens. Besides – since we cannot change everything we
might as well just accept it and try to find some way to keep “our happiness.”

I see grumpy people on the road every day and I just feel badly for them. None of
us know how long we have to live. I vowed long ago to go out of this life “believing,
with still a soft heart, happy and loving – and by cracky – that is exactly what I will do.

It really is a matter of changing negative habits. EVEN if you don’t believe it at first,
you can TRAIN your brain cells and create new ones. It’s just a lot easier (once you
are in the habit) to be happy! It’s good for your exterior (less wrinkles) – good for your interior (less physical problems) and good for everyone else! Besides – it’s FUN!

My daughter shared something a friend of hers told with me: CREATE a beautiful day.
Now take a breath and get to it!

Warmly and sincerely,

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