I am munching on my own words! Yummmmm

I have to live what I teach – otherwise I’d be a terrible teacher! Since my CD has been
released I have to be my own “publicist” as we are just hard working folks and can’t afford that expense. I do what I do because I love it and think EVERYONE has a right
to be healthy and happy! I honestly believe everyone has a right to “learn” how to do so without paying an HUGE fee or monthly charges to someone.

Yesterday I thought it would be a great idea to place posters in school faculty lounges – I’ve worked in schools and know for the money-it is a VERY stressful job! All parents
should work in school for a semester or two. A good teacher is worth his or her weight in gold.

Therein, my bright idea was to hope to sell my REASONABLY priced CD’s to teachers
and maybe give them some techniques to use to help their lives – and in turn help
our children. Bright idea.

NOPE. Today I am munching on my own words. It is not what happens to us, but
how we handle what happens. The superintendent said NO. It wasn’t educational.
Of course I called to speak with him (funny, he was tied up all day:). I told his
secretary (guard) that I am a personal health consultant. I have specialized in stress management techniques for 20 years, and that I teach for Shasta College Adult Education and also on a one-to-one with individuals. I wanted to know how the CD
could not be educational. It has instruction on it!

Well, my answer was, “I’m not going to debate this with you.” So I took a breath and
told her I wasn’t asking for a debate – just wanted to find out why they didn’t consider the CD’s educational.

“It may be educational, but actually it’s a vendor thing. If we let you advertise we
have to let everyone advertise.”

I responded: “Well, all right. I was told it wasn’t educational so I couldn’t put the poster up. I do understand the vendor premise (though I wonder how many people
actually want to advertise in faculty lounges:). No problem – have a wonderful day and I am sorry I can’t get some stress management help out there to some of our teachers.”

She softened and said, “I’m sure there are other ways to do it. Good luck.”

So munnch, munnch – my wonderful idea isn’t going to happen. Alas, alack….so
what! I never give up and I keep the faith that where there is a will there is a way!
Besides (hee hee) I would have spent lots of money on gas, lots of time, and the
posters aren’t cheap! It may be a blessing.

See – choosing to respond in a positive manner calms us down and really turns the day around. Try it – you’ll like it! It is way more fun to confront a situation with a good attitude. It puts you on top!

I hope you all have a great day where ever you are…..life is short and like a great
acquaintance of mine, Colonel Hockaday, told me years ago: “War is hell, but you
can die crossing the street.”

So enjoy the moments of the day and be careful crossing the street! 🙂

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