Come On Now – Be polite to our senior citizens!

I drove to the post office a couple of days ago and the line was huge. Nonetheless, I
needed to mail a package. Before me stood two women. The one next to me was
a senior citizen. She was tall, had white hair, and was dressed very nicely, obviously
still trying to take care of herself. I guessed her to be about 80.

The woman in front of her was a bit shorter, casual in dress, and probably in her forties. I asked the older woman if she could reach a priority envelope for me and she said, “No problem.” She reached to get one and BARELY touched the woman in front
of her. Just a slight touch on the back, and it was an accident.

The younger woman turned abruptly and said loudly, “I know I’m fat but you don’t have to run into me! She spat out a few more nasty words and then turned to the front.

It was TOTALLY uncalled for and I heard the elderly woman say, “I am very sorry.”
What I wanted to do was punch the woman in the face, but then she would win.

I said loudly – “I am sorry. That was my fault as I asked this lady to reach for an
envelope for me.” The younger woman turned around and before she could say
anything I put my hand out and introduced myself to the elderly lady and said, “I
am sorry for that. It was my fault she yelled at you.”

She looked surprised but said, “Oh it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. We chatted for
a few minutes rather ignoring the woman in front. My new acquaintence told me she was 87. She looked really good for her age. She was also recently widowed. She
had been married for 63 years.

I glanced at the woman a head of us and could only imagine she must not be happy.
I only then actually noticed she was heavy – I hadn’t even noticed until she mentioned it. She also had a huge hearing device in her ear. I thought that must be tough to
deal with daily.

So Evelyn and I just quietly decided we’d just bless her and hope her life was better.
She couldn’t hear us, but we decided this would be best for her – and for us.

When Evelyn was finished she smiled broadly and waved and said, “It was very nice
to meet you. I hope I see you again sometime in this life.”

I answered “I hope I see you too. It was a pleasure.” And it was…… in charge
of my anger, a new acquaintance, and being able to throw a blessing someone’s way.

I remembered what mama had said to me one time: “When you get old everybody either looks at you like you are invisible or that you’ve done something wrong. What
they don’t realize is that they are seeing themselves in the future.” Something to think about the next time you brush by an older person. I always try to smile and acknowledge them and you know what – it never fails that I get a smile and hello back.

“That’s the way I like it, uh huh un huh.” (An old song for anyone who recognizes the quote.” )


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