Predjudice Sucks on Any Level!

WHY? BECAUSE IT DOES! No one person can be judged by race, group, creed, philosophy, religion, or even looks! We are soooooooo judgement.

“He’s ugly.” “She’s too fat.” “That religion sucks, so he must suck.” “I can’t stand white people. They think they are so superior.” “Old people are ugly and boring, and not too smart.” “She’s not educationally challenged – she stupid.” “All ragheads are the same…either rich from owning all the gas stations and quik markets, or terrorists .” AND on and on and on and on……..

We feed on each other. We are followers and not leaders. We listen to what someone says and then say, “That’s right!”


I personally think it’s a crap shoot and we are born to circumstances beyond our control. I also believe that our “good” or “evil” tendencies are born with us. Yes,
that’s right.

A few years ago I thought there was good in everyone. I was wrong. Some people
are evil. Can’t do anything about that except “Marquis of Queensbury Rules” (protect
your ass at all times.)

Here is my revelation of some time ago. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. You’ve heard it.
We love, we hate, we hurt, we have joy, we bleed, we heal, we live, we die. That’s
it baby. We are all the same.

We have little choice about what big money and “those” in control do (and I think
big money controls!).

However, we have the choice to look at another human being and realize that they
are just like us inside. Have you seen the show that has been displaying dead bodies?
I can’t think of the name of it right now, but if I do, I will tell you.

My daughter treated us to seeing a movie at Imax and then viewing this display. It
was not gruesome as you might think. It was incredible. In layman terms (and I
am NOT anything but a regular woman) – it showed all the organs in the body, the
vascular system, the muscles, the brain, all the inward parts of us. It showed us
in action and using all parts of our bodies. It showed a woman who was with child and truly it was the two of them – all dead. All just body and spirit gone.

ALL that was used in this fantastic and educational showing was approved by either
the persons displayed or their family or someone with permission to make the choice to display or not.

What guts it took to put on something like this. It even had our entire skin (separated of course) – and lastly, a horse showing what it was INSIDE.

I am reviewing this too lightly, I know, as it has been some months since we saw it. What I learned (and felt I knew before, but not to the depth) was that we are ALL ALIKE!

What is DIFFERENT IS OUR CULTURE! Partial definition of Culture: a particular society at a particular time and place; “early Mayan civilization” the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group acculturation: all the knowledge and values shared by a society the attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization….and that’s the problem!

It’s not the individual – it’s simply that we aren’t used to his or her “ways” – therein, they MUST BE WRONG OR WEIRD! That’s a lie. That’s stupidity! If we don’t opt to “hang” with a group that is our priority. We all pick our friends and activities. That’s
okay. We all need to get a long with each other.

NO ONE wants to be PUSHED into a pile and have someone say, “There, they are now
all integrated.” We NEED to have the freedom to choose who we want for friends and neighbors. If we don’t like our neighborhood – move. If we don’t like our school – change schools. If we CAN’T change anything – THEN CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE and
take a breath and try to live in peace!

An inside look on the inside surely shows the only difference is the color of our skin.
An in inside look on the outside just detects cultural differences. We can live with that!

Have a beautiful and peaceful day. We all can LAUGH and SMILE too. Let’s start
an epidemic of smiles! 🙂

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