The Shopping Season

Pretty much all members of my family have decided this year not to “celebrate the Shopping Season.” Consumer BS if you ask me! BUY BUY BUY. Let’s all go further into debt because everything that surrounds us in magazines, on bill boards, on television, in stores, etc. pushes us to do exactly that!

Yes, I do believe in the original reason for celebration (and that is my right:) – but even that is bogus! Jesus probably was born sometime in the spring! I have decided this year, with most of my family, to just let the children be the ones who get the gifts – and maybe something thoughtful for an elderly person. But not a bizillion expensive and useless bunch ofcrapola that will be on sale after the 1st of the year, and outdated a few months after (most likely).

Some fun, thoughtfully selected gifts for the children…let them be a part of the giving process and help pick for other children. Or let them donate a gift to less fortunate children. We are not doing our children justice by letting them fall into the same trip that keeps us broke all the time.

I think if I were to have another child I would start them off by celebrating “love and sharing” and the joy of families uniting – but I would let them know it’s not about making these corporations and a few individuals even wealthier! I would still celebrate the birth of Jesus “in my own way” – by trying to be an example of love!

We literally BUY into the corporations advertising and screw ourselves in the process!
STOP NOW. PROTEST ridiculous prices. (I refuse to buy new clothing except for the
occasional bra and panties.) Most of the high priced items are made from the sweat of
some poor soul in a third world country that is paid a dollar or two a day!

What do we do? We procreate that sad scenario by “buying” into it. For what you would
pay for 1 blouse new, you can buy used and usually 7 or 8 items. The items can be
washed. They are already soft, broken in so to speak, and the variety is unlimited. If you
know quality of manufacture, you can find expensive items for so much less – and a more
diverse selection in one store instead of five.

What I really hate are these HUGE ITEMS the stores are selling for children….a car that operates the size of most peoples living room, and a price tag to match.

YES, sometimes we need to buy new – electronics perhaps, and a few items that we need
to make sure of long life. But PLEASE, do not go into debt and create STRESS that is unnecessary just to add to the wealth of a few that are already wealthy. Make this
“Shopping Season” – just a warm and fuzzy time to enjoy the company of people you love!

If you don’t have a circle of friends and family, then LOVE YOURSELF by finding a good book to read, or watching the waves break at the ocean shore. Be kind to yourself and
keep what money you have in your pocket:)

CREATE a beautiful day!

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