I want to help! Ask and I will do my best!

I am on a personal mission for the rest (yes) the rest of my life! I want to help. I want
to share the “stuff” I’ve learned, via the errors of my ways – skeletons and lessons, and through the subjects that I dedicated years to study and teach.

I don’t think everyone can afford personal training, a health club, a shrink or a life counselor. I work as a personal health consultant, teach for college adult education, and I specialize in stress management and relaxation techniques. You know what it’s done for me over the years? I am healthy, relaxed, full of life and want to return some of what I have been given.

Things haven’t always been so perfect in my life. My kids used to say I was an excellent teacher. I taught them what NOT to do. True enough in more than one incident…way more.

I’ve been widowed, battered and tattered, poor and not so poor. Up and down. Betrayed by friends and strangers too! Divorced, remarried, divorced (and so on:), fat, skinny,
insecure, and on the edge of MY world. I still maintain – keep trying. I will NOT give up or give in. I will not allow life to change me to a nasty and miserable person. Afterall,
it is MY LIFE!

If you have ANY questions about health and fitness, stress management, tricky situations, relationships, WHATEVER AILS YOU – give me a chance to help. Just jot a note and I will go to the depths of my Spirit and experience to see if we can find a resolve. If I don’t know – I won’t lie and BS about it. I’ll simply tell you.

FYI : Here are a couple of things that can REALLY help if you sit at a desk all day, and/or
go home with a knot in your back. While at your desk (do one foot at a time) press your
heel away from you. Do it for a minute or so. It will send the blood back upward and
reactivate your circulation. Then wiggle your toes.

If you have a knot in your back when you get home, get a tennis ball and find a bare wall. Place the tennis ball between the wall and the knot in your back. Move around pressing as you do so. The weight of your body and the movement will help to get rid of that knot and relieve the pain! It works!

Lastly – don’t forget to take a “mindful” shot of oxygen throughtout the day. We are
oxygen machines and because breathing is involuntary, we don’t often think about specific
breathing. Our brains need 50% more oxygen to “think optimally”, and to maintain a balance between intellect and emotion. Take a breath, it will also help to energize you and
relax you at the same time! ENJOY – it’s your life!

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