Wisdom from the “Homer Simpson” show!

DON’T YOU JUST LOVE IT? We watch the show whenever we can and really think the writing is great. Gosh it’s a bit scary – Homer reminds me of my father-in-law.

The wisdom was in reference to a swap meet. Can’t recall who said it, but my brain went
into activation mode and I stored it just for YOU.

“…..humans are like roaches feeding off each others garbage….” That is profound I think,
and true as true is. My concept of those words reach a tad further than a swap meet.

A scenario – think of it: You are driving down the road and some jerk speeds up and passes you, flipping you the finger of friendship (NOT) and looking at you like you’ve done something wrong.

You then feed off this jerk’s “garbage”, get a nasty look on your face and give him
that finger in return. Now that is feeding off each others garbage. I admit – I’ve done
it once or twice myself.

The last time I flipped someone off was the last time I will flip someone off! The two
guys that passed me on I-5 were going so fast. I was TRYING to move to the right lane, but they sped up and went in front of me, kind of in between me and an 18 wheeler. They
very nearly clipped me.

I was exhausted after a week of nearly no sleep, and my finger went up in the air. I
saw the break lights go on. These guys slowed down so fast I almost hit them. I admit
I was scared. It takes a lot to scare me. They were going to get me. I wasn’t sure
they weren’t going to get next to me and shoot me! I slipped into the right lane.

I made a decision and without a signal waited until the last minute and zipped off of the freeway. I knew they couldn’t make it and that there was no exit for miles a head. I
went directly to a small market, got a cup of coffee and decided never again would I
give anybody the finger.

It happens everyday. WE smile at someone and they are cold, so we turn feed off them and “sour up”. Someone honks because you didn’t move the second the light turned greeen. You reflect their impatience by becoming upset that they honked. It is such a
nasty cycle.

Drop the garbage. Put it out once a day. Once an hour if need be. Don’t let anyone change YOUR mind or mood. It’s all a choice.

Personally I tried being miserable. It sucked, so I gave it up!

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