Hmmmm. What’s Wrong with this Picture? You decide.

Do you think the almighty dollar is used effectively here in the USA? You be the judge. Here are a few of the statistics: Moviegoers will spend up to $10.00 each to see graphic representations of victims being tortured and

Hillary Clinton (and remember she is only one person) spent $35.9 million to win a second term.The average House winner spent only about a million each.

Martin Luther King Jr. will be honored (yes he was a wonderful man) by the government erecting a $100 million dollar monument. Is there a possibility he would have cringed at such a thing?

A Jackson Pollock painting just sold for $140 million; all sales at the art auction reached $491 million dollars.

Bill Clinton’s inaugural ball cost $29.6 million. The most recent ball was a pricey $40 million. (Remember this happens every 4 years).

The lifetime cost of the space shuttle program is $145 billion (with an average cost per flight of about $1.3 billion over the life of the program.)

The gift bags for participants at the emmy awards (you know, the one for the stars) are $30,000.each.

The cost of the “recent” wars is $440 billion and the Iraq portion is 24 billion. If the conflict continues for 5 more years it will reach 1.4 trillion dollars…………

The average cost of healthcare for one person per year is $7,100. Most
average Americans (the working class) can’t afford the coverage.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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