WELL, here is one of those times I am human and feel a pang or two of stress. I used to consider my family (immediate and extended) in the “middle class” earning group in America.

NOT ANY MORE. The middle class group has taken a nose dive into lower middle class, and struggling to maintain that division. From my perspective, almost everyone I know works VERY HARD – often more than 40 hours a week, doing whatever it takes to survive.

Most families I know are NOT covered with health insurance. So many companies have “down sized” (and I know why – it’s to increase the profit of a few). In down sizing lots of people are working just enough hours NOT TO QUALIFY for benefits. Clever, eh?

So here in the plight. Either you work like a dog to provide just the basics, and pray that there will be no accident or injuries in your family… OR you can go on welfare, collect food stamps, get all your medical benefits, and oftentimes living quarters too. (In San Francisco you can even get new needles for you drug habit.

All the while taxes are taken out of each paycheck to cover these benefits; Especially in California. That is simply the way it is!

I try to remember some folks REALLY do need help, and I do not begrudge them that help.

So I take a breath and relax. (I have to remind myself oftentimes.) I get my perspective right and remember– even lower middle class in America surpasses most of the world in comfort and luxury!

So I’ll be grateful for that and get back to work:)

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