The Cash before the Paycheck Rip-off

PLEASE DON’T FALL INTO THIS TRAP. You’ve seen the stores that offer “speedy cash when you need it” or “cash before you get your paycheck”, etc. It is one of the biggest rip off’s happening right now.

I read an article recently that warned our military of this very scam. They will GET YOU with the high interest charged. Interest is how the credit cards make money, but these places are out of sight with their high percentage of interest charged.

If you want to dig a hole and bury yourself a bit deeper, then go right a head and use these facilities. But honestly, YOU CAN MAKE IT WITHOUT the advance. If you have managed poorly then tighten the belt a bit. I’ve been there more than once and it is possible to make it with little (though I admit I got sick of my “potato diet” and my “rice” diet. I swore I would never eat either again, but I got creative with my recipes when that was all I had to eat!)

There is usually some place you can tighten the belt. Don’t smoke so much(or cut it out all together). It can be done. My husband and I did it together after 20 years of smoking, and now 3 years later we can’t believe we ever smelled that bad and coughed so much just to cut our oxygen supply in half. DUH. We’ve also saved a ton of money.

I was in a position of needing to feed the family once and sold many items I thought I could never part with in my lifetime. But as mama once told me, “They are just material possessions.” I actually survived.

I did get royally screwed a few times, I got a pittance for a carved silver belt my father had given me. I didn’t know what it was worth, but it put food on the table.

The worst was the sale of a mandolin. I had helped clean the apartment of an elderly lady who had passed away. I was told to take whatever I liked. I found a small book she had written and a mandolin among the debris.

I say debris because the family who asked for my help cleaning had already
crashed through the apartment looking for jewelry and anything worth lots of money. They needed help cleaning because they had strewn everything like garbage. Disrespect for this elderly woman, I felt.

Anyway, I found the mandolin in a corner and decided it was what I would call my own. When times were tough and the alcoholic and abusive asshole I lived with left me in dire financial straits, (also my own poor choices in the matter) I found it necessary to sell things again to feed the kiddos.

I sold my grandma’s diamond ring 😦 and the mandolin. I found out a few
years later that the $100. the dealer gave me for the mandolin was just a bit short of what it was worth – about $14,900.00. Alas, the money took care
of what was needed at the time, my education about trusting everyone broadened a bit, and I realized I can live without many material things I thought I needed!

Back to the point. DON’T make poor choices when it comes to scams such
as the “we’ll loan you money before you get paid” bit. It will kick you in the
butt and I KNOW you can find a way NOT to bend down for their aim.

Be smart and keep a little faith that you will make it no matter what.
Empower yourself with your thoughts and move forward my friends.

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