Prof reed whought you rite!

Will I never learn? My husband calls me (he has many names for me) “all speed and no control”. I imagine that one is pretty accurate. I made a comment yesterday on another blog, and I posted it. Afterwards I checked it out and sure enough – I left in a word I had intended to delete. This was a small error, but embarassing as I consider myself fairly educated.

I have a small book that was published this year and my daughter told me to have someone else proof it before I send the final manuscript. Alas, having majored in English, I thought I was perfectly capable of doing the work myself. But she was right! After writing, reading, reworking some of it, reading it again, and finally again to proof – I guess all the pages started looking right to me.

When I got my first copies of the book I was aghast to have someone read it and find at least 20+ errors. Not huge obvious errors (with the exception of a couple), but enough for me to want them corrected.

A wonderful thing happened. I contacted the publisher and they agreed to make the corrections. I was shocked and so very happy. They were not obligated to do this, and actually they could have charged me a fee.

I swore I would always have someone else proof my written material – too bad I didn’t
on my little comment yesterday.

Ohh well, I gess Im humane, and perhapps noo one wood evr half noteced if I had’t menshumed it! (hee hee)

One Response to “Prof reed whought you rite!”

  1. Edward Carson Says:

    I understand. I too did undergraduate and graduate work in a field that demands a good command of the English language; however, I make mistakes that I do not catch until much later. I like your writing. I shall continue to improve mine before I present my next conference paper.

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