One thing I know for sure….

No matter what plans you make, no matter what – you have limited control over what happens in your life! I’m included in this scenario.

It been so long since I’ve had a chance to sit and write, truly write! It’s not because I didn’t plan to, and it’s not because I absolutely couldn’t. The circumstances of the past month included “stuff” I didn’t expect. I accept my method of dealing with responsibility, and change, but I also know that if we don’t include a bit of personal pleasure, then our lives suffer for it.

I accept the fact circumstances sometimes alter plans. That is not unexpected. We don’t have absolute control. We do have control in our response to the unforeseen changes and circumstances that occur.

My response will always be to search for a lesson, be positive, and grow in some way. What I’ve learned as well, is that we can often squeeze in just a bit of pleasure, (writing is PURE PLEASURE for me), and it will make the other additional tasks or circumstances a bit easier to handle

So pick a tiny bit of something you love to do, and do it, NO MATTER WHAT! That’s not selfish. It’s healing.

I’ve done just that for myself in this short post. Take care of yourself . Got to go as my time is limited today. That’s now a little easier to accept 🙂 since I’ve taken a few moments to heal by writing!

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