72 degrees, clear and beautiful!

It’s time to take the motorcycle out of the garage and let my hubby take me for a ride. He wanted to teach me to drive, but my preference was simply to put my arms tightly around him, enjoy the free feeling of being on a bike, and the wind in my hair ( oh no, that was before the helmet law came into effect).

I resented it at first, but no longer. I like my brains. I also had two experiences that made me know riding a bike is something serious as far as safety and being a defensive driver on the road.

Oh, before I forget, I had the nicest note from larakincer.wordpress.com. She is absolutely wonderful, and if you didn’t read her post yesterday, you should. It asks if you’ve ever had FOPPDA. I haven’t. That’s all I’m telling, but very worthy of a read, and actually inspired my “affection connection” yesterday.

Now back to those two incidents that made me re-visit should I be on a motorcycle or not. The first one happened when my little mama died. My husband and I were at the mortuary making arrangements for her cremation. I don’t recall how it came up, but the owner of the mortuary mentioned he sees a high percentage of young men die from motorcycle collisions. I had heard that but had thought perhaps it was hearsay. Not so – true.

The second was after my husband had been in a serious accident (that’s a whole different story). He had to have cadaver bone used to help the process of his healing. We were told by the surgeon that most cadaver bone is from incidents where motorcyclists had been in terminal accidents. I had no idea.

Nonetheless, we still ride. I had an old acquaintance, a gentleman in the military by the name of Colonel Hockaday, once tell me “War is hell, but you can die crossing the street.” It made a lasting impression.

We aren’t nutcases. My husband has been riding since he was 15 and is careful, a considerate driver, and a good one. We don’t go 100 miles an hour (though I will be truthful, we did one time) and I was scared out of my britches. Never again. We don’t drink and drive, nor do drugs and drive.

I’m not being “prissy”. What people do is there business, with the exception of putting all the rest of us in harms way. When you are on the highway I believe you are, no matter what you drive, driving a weapon that can kill. PLEASE, even if it is superbowl day, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Until you see a bad accident it’s difficult to imagine the consequences. I saw one, and actually tried to help by treating one woman for shock. She had internal injuries and died anyway. It was bloody and terrible and three people died. The one who lived was the drunk. Not fair (not that I would want anyone to die.

Just keep this in mind and get someone to drive if you are going to drink. Please.

Got to go. Have a fantastic day, be careful on the road – and we will too!

One Response to “72 degrees, clear and beautiful!”

  1. tranalist Says:

    You got moved to first class?! Now that’s something that I’ve never had happen to me…but then…ahem…I don’t lie about claustraphobia! 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed your latest posts. I totally agree with you about the affection connection. And I think you’re crazy for riding a motorcylce…more daring that I am. Those things scare me and I’m not scared by much.

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