Excerpts from wonderful authors writings

I am a book person. I have a wonderful collection of old books. I hope to read them all one day! The internet is fantastic, blogging is great, movies are fun, television (well, that is still questionable in my mind), but still there is something about sitting down and reading a book that just can’t be matched.

Instead of someone “showing” me what the characters look like (as in movies) I am able to imagine within my own brain what the characters look like and the scenery where the story happens. It becomes my own personal creation with the descriptions the author feeds me. With good books, when I have to close them temporarily, I always anticipate picking them up again soon. It is also a time of complete rest. Particularly if you can find an old tree to lean up against, or a swing to sit in the sun while reading. Even just a grassy lawn with an old blanket thrown down would be lovely

I ran across a very special book today. I had read it before. The author is Orison Swett Marden. You may have heard of his work. I hadn’t until I picked up this book at a second hand store.

The book is called “The Secret of Achievement”, and though it was published 109 years ago, it presents great and viable thoughts and I love it.

My intent is to share some things from it over a period of time, as well as including excerpts from other wonderful authors. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

“Look on the bright side,” said a young man to a friend who was discontented and melancholy. “But there is no bright side,” was the doleful reply. “Very well-then polish up the dark one.”

There is ever sunshine somewhere: and the brave man will go on his way rejoicing, content to look forward if under a cloud, not bating one jot of heart or hope if for a moment cast down; honoring his occupation, whatever it may be; rendering even rags respectable by the way he wears them; and not only being happy himself, but causing the happiness of others.

Orison Swett Marden

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