DON’T drink too much water!

I am a water advocate, and have never made that statement before, but I just assumed everyone knows that too much of ANYTHING can be toxic.

Sadly a 28 year old mother of three died last week after entering a radio contest to see who could “Hold Your Wee for a Wii”. The prize was a Nintendo Wii gaming console. Of course the show was cancelled and people were fired, nonetheless, three small children are without a mother!

The cause of death was “water intoxication”. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, use the intellect you have and be moderate in all that you do. Whether it’s alcohol, pop, water, juice, or drinking any liquid, be smart.

That goes for anything that might be injested into your body. Use your wits and remember that moderation is fine in most instances (though some things should be shunned altogether), almost anything can be handled by our human body in moderate doses.

Remember…….your body is the only place you have to live permanently while residing on earth – take care of it and you will retain good health and a healthy mind.

One Response to “DON’T drink too much water!”

  1. phayre Says:

    What a horrible way to die! I knew too much water could drain you of essential nutrients and all, but I had no idea it could actually kill you. Perhaps it was partially from holding in all the toxins in her, um, wee. Hold Your Wee for a Wii… how silly!

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