Happy Valentine’s Day to you All!

We are still in love!I know it’s commercialized. I know too much is spent on cards, candy, gifts, and bolony. (My aunt gave me a pickle one time because she knew I loved pickles.) I love valentine’s day because I love love. I believe we were all born to love and be loved. What a fantastic gift. I don’t mean sex. Sex is great too. I mean love – the kind of thing that let’s you look at someone in their worst state and think they are beautiful. The kind of thing that makes you forgive and forget. Love is beyond the world today for most. Love denies an affair, (though it might be deserved or tempting). love makes you stick with that person you fell in love with so long ago. Love makes you look at someone and think “Oh God, they don’t look like they did once-they are more beautiful than ever. ”

Love makes you work harder to maintain a great relationship. It makes you give when you feel like taking. Love makes you patient when you feel like popping your cork. (Which by the way, for wine lovers, cork corks are on the diminishing side of the bottle. There is a shortage of cork in the world. Really.)

Love has made me serve my man coffee in bed for over 19 years. I would say it’s a small favor for all the wonderful things he has done for me. It’s just that, I love him. Why wouldn’t I want to do something special for him. It doesn’t have to be for me, me, me. The truth is, “As ye give, so shall ye receive.”

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