2 Movie Reviews

 I selected “Babel” as I thought my husband had mentioned he’d like to see it.  He actually had never heard of it.  To our surprise it kept our interest the entire movie.  Probably one of the most unique movies we’ve seen for a while and we both enjoyed it.  Thought provoking.

The one I knew he wanted to see was “Marine”.  He was a Marine (so was my son) – not lifetimers nor war mongers, but good men educated by unbelievably difficult training.

My husband thought it might honor Marines.  DREAM ON!  Even I was insulted by the representation of the Marines in this one.  It was a B movie (maybe even worse), with terrible actors, terrible music and a badly written  story.

I often wonder how movies like this get the funding to actually be produced.  I guess different strokes for different folks, but this one was so bad we only watched a few minutes of it.  My husband said the guy looked like he was on steroids and acted so poorly he must have paid to be on it.  It really was bad.

Carlos Mencia (comedian) a much better choice.

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