My twin brother is a very talented man. He is an author. He is also a songwriter. I wish I could sing the melody to you, but instead will just post the words and consider them as one of the choice quotations from authors. (I’ll just hum along) 🙂

“Life is never like your dreams
It’s never what it seems,
It seems to me that real,
is only what you feel and not what you believe
you need

Now love is sometimes in disguise,
It fools the old and wise
and that’s why it survives
Beyond our earthly lives
And lingers on and on

Beyond, the fact I can’t predict
I wouldn’tchange the script
not even if I could

Now fools, might think they understand
Because they know the land
Because the they know the rules
Believe me their still fools,
but happy none the less,
to never have to guess I guess

The fact, I think there is no end
Just makes me glad again,
To end is to begin again
Begin Again
Begin Again

Life. . . ”

Morris Walker

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