Andy Rooney you suck today

This is my personal opinion. I haven’t always thought his comments sucked, but today I feel differently. His commentary was on the draft “lowering it’s requirements for inductees. ”

He stated that when he was in the military in WWII, the military only was excellent when the educational background of those drafted was higher. To me that negates the honor of all those who were wounded and died for our country (unless they were educated, of course) . How ridiculous. I know many incredible and intelligent people who are self-educated.

He also stated that the idea of letting those who have been in prison serving in the military was terrible. I disagree. Everyone has a right to make amends, and if someone has served in prison and opts to serve our country and is denied, what kind of country is this afterall? We are supposed to be forgiving and a country who offers rehabilitation.

He stated that these “persons” would represent our country poorly. I know people with no jail record and lots of education who can’t even find their common sense.

At the worst case scenario, perhaps someone with street skills and already with the capacity for violence would be a perfect candidate to send to a conflict.

Instead of sending the “average American” (perhaps your local librarian or school teacher) – maybe it would behoove us to consider someone with the acquired skills to have to the capacity to do the job (at least perhaps experienced in raw survival), instead of a graduate who’s ability to defend himself may be next to zero.

I must add to this, I don’t necessarily mean a graduate can’t defend himself. I certainly am not endorsing little education. We can all tear down one another until the day we die. It is useless and only adds agony to life. My comments about his commentary are only my personal observations and thoughts. I am not judging the man.

One beautiful thing about this life is that we are all different – from different cultures, homes, and backgrounds in character training, education, financial situations and so forth.

One ugly thing is that usually, without respect, we forget that we are not all alike and judge according to our own personal standards of excellence, and experience. We all have a right to voice our own opinions.

We certainly have the right to draw the line for ourselves in personal philosophy and actions. I will respect yours and I hope you will respect mine.

With that being said, CREATE a wonderful day for yourself!

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