Don’t Have tunnel vision…

tunnel.jpg…..unless it’s looking through a tunnel while kayaking a river you’ve not been on before. We live our lives in little boxes often times. Get up, go to work or school, come home, get on the computer or watch television, and go to bed.

That is of course, not everyone’s routine, but you get the idea. We often feel we are trapped to a certain HABITUAL ritual of life. Break out of the box.

Whether caused by global warming (a fear for sure) or not, spring is early for many. Take advantage of the weekend coming up. Do something out of the ordinary. Remember this is the TIME of your life – the moments are the only time you have, so find something new to do, a new place to go, whatever – just stretch your imagination, if only for a few hours! This is your life. You have a right to enjoy some of it!

Grab the kids, your honey, or hug yourself and take a hike and enjoy the fresh air! Time is fleeting and there is still a beautiful world out there somewhere.

Find it and REST and REGENERATE, please:)

2 Responses to “Don’t Have tunnel vision…”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Fabulous photography! I love it!
    Spring is burgeoning out, daffodils are just pushing through their outer casings – one can see the yellow already, but they’re not unfurled. Primula are just looking sassy. I just can’t wait!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so very much! It was fun going through there too. A birds nest with little ones inside! Not sure what type birds, but the nest was plastered up against the wall. Spring is a
    time of rebirth and for me always a time to look, look, look around and be grateful!
    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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