For the Guys: How to be the man of a woman’s dreams

Hey guys – if you want to have a woman who still serves you coffee and breakfast in bed on the weekends , one who would put her body between you and a bullet, or kick the crap out of someone in your defense, one who still can’t wait to kiss and grab you and have wonderful and wild sex with you…….then you need to pay attention to the next few paragraphs.

The guy who has this love and devotion, a love that is enlarged, still so passionate, and ever enduring, is my husband! This is after 19 years of marriage! He is a man among men and deserves the best I can give in return for all he has done for me. It’s our wedding anniversary so I want to pay him tribute and perhaps help one of you guys out there get the “good stuff” from your woman.

Here are a few of the things he’s done to win and keep me loving my relationship with him.

1. He told me before we married: “I will never raise my hand to you, nor my voice. I will never let you down.” It sounded great but I’d been stung before. Guess what? He is a man of his word. I had been hit before and it’s never the right thing for EITHER partner to use physical force.

2. He was (and is) patient and stable . Even when I was trying to heal scars of old, he didn’t take my words or actions personally. He simply said, “I don’t think this has anything to do with us, but I understand you’ve been hurt before.” Then he would take me in his arms and quietly hold me. Ummmmmm, good stuff.

3. He won’t fight. He NEVER verbally abuses me with his words if we
disagree about something. That verbal abuse can hurt more than physical abuse. It takes decades to heal. (Not to say he hasn’t punched
a door or two when his temper had been tested to the limit.)

4. He supports whatever I want to do. No matter how far out or crazy it seems, he is there to say, “Whatever you want to do honey. It’s okay with me. I support you 100%.” When he feels strongly about something he will voice his thoughts, but not give me orders about it.
I listen. I have received his respect for my intelligence, and he has
mine absolutely for sure! He’ll try new activites I like – in turn, I
try stuff he enjoys.

5. He has taught me some things about men. For instance, when an argument is over for a guy – it’s over. Women like to drag things out, and then think about it and go over it again and again. I don’t do that any more. When it’s over – it’s over.

6. He taught me that it’s okay if he doesn’t listen to everything I say.
I can’t even do that. He has the ability to watch television and listen at the same time – that’s okay with me because if I need answers – off goes the television and he’s there to really listen.

I think the most important things he’s done for me is to not be jealous and try to put me into a box. He has been there for my needs. He has never cheated on me, nor played the flirty game. For me that was critical. (By the way – he is truly a man, and hasn’t ever been a “self-
fish lover!”)

Women always love too much, and often we love the wrong guys. After a time the “impression” stage ends and some guys fall into old habits and take their woman for granted. But when a guy comes into a woman’s life that is exactly who he declares he is – one who stands up and commits 100% – then what happens is the woman falls in love with him over and over again…..and there is never enough time for her to
do all the wonderful things for him that she would like to do!

One Response to “For the Guys: How to be the man of a woman’s dreams”

  1. Jyoti Says:

    I am dating a wonderful guy right now, but I can only hope and pray for it to be a good and true as your man sounds. You have many blessing bestowed upon you. Thank you for sharing that there are decent men out there.

    I’m just exploring and I came across your blog. Thank you!

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