In response to comments from nobodyreely (on abortion)

I respect the right of others to choose exactly what they want to believe. I am no one’s judge and my beliefs are my own personal property, but since you asked….

When I say devout, I don’t mean knocking on doors, going to church on Sundays, or participating with lots of other Christian groups or activities. I appreciate the fact these people do what they think is right. They have the courage of their convictions to take action. Probably if many of the churches I have attended knew I was a pro choice person they would have locked me out! But therein lies what I call personal property and my right to believe what is in my heart.

I believe in a supreme being (who probably is known by many names.) I do believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son. I also believe that because some else has different beliefs,even if they die on this earth before discovery,everyone will have an opportunity to find the truth about it all – . I do not believe in eternal hell. What kind of a father would punish his sons eternally? That’s not love .

I believe the Bible is God’s love letters to us to help us have a better life and better information, but it was written by the hand of man….so the interpretation must be within the heart of the reader. Actually I thump it by myself most of the time, and only of late are some things becoming very clear to me. The Bible does say, “each man must choose”, “judge not” and “love one another” – I believe our soul purpose is to worship God (however we know him) and to love one another.

I don’t believe in the “Trinity” as it is explained, but believe it could mean a relationship like my mom and dad and myself had. We are one, but separate.
I don’t believe all the bickering about “specifics” is important to God, nor will we ever know while we live on the earth – so what’s the point arguing.

I love these two verses: There is on body and one Spirit…one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all.
Ephesians 4:4-6

Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.
Colossians 3:14

Therein are the basic premises of what I have chosen to believe and what will be in my heart until the day I die. (I have had several actual miracles over
my lifetime, and answers to specific prayers, so that makes my faith stronger.)

I believe if we search for God He will find us. That “gut level” intuition from within (I believe) is God’s spirit speaking to us. I believe the reason so many
are so “unsettled” in this world is that alcohol and drugs diminish true spirit by chemical changes, and that if we haven’t found God then there will always
be a restless searching within us. You’ve probably heard “peace beyond understanding” – that comes when we find our own truth about God.

Some people have said they don’t believe in power of prayer, but if we don’t pray how can God ever answer prayer. I am (here’s an oxymoron) a praying fiend. Just because I don’t always get what I pray for doesn’t mean God doesn’t hear mean – like
a good parent, I may not be headed in the right direction, so that may be why I don’t get everything I want.

I believe when we breathe the breath of life we become living souls. When we die our spirit goes on, but our living soul dies with us. I prayed like crazy before I came to the conclusion that I would delve into the specifics of abortion. The story I am going to publish is my own experience over a 6 month period. I saw women of all ages coming to get abortions. Each one of them had SPECIFIC and VALID (to them) reasons for it.

Their minds were made up. No one was there to offer help to them. Serious help – long term help. These were women who would spend the rest of their
lives traumatized because they were forced to raise a child that even they, as the mother, felt they could not carry to term and deliver. I know there are places in the bible that mention God knowing a spirit before it is born, but I do not have all the answers….I only know that for me, if a spirit is NOT delivered on this earth, it returns to God – perhaps for another time and place.

I felt these women had the right to choose for their own life. I should not and would not decide for them. I wanted only to be there to support their decision.
Not to judge them. How would it be for a child to be born to a family where the father was a molester, or there wasn’t enough food already for the number of children in the household. If the child’s own POTENTIAL mother could not keep the child – what would life be then for the child? No one outside the clinic EVER offered permanent help and these women had “WORTH” – their lives meant something – if only to me.

I will say I believe there should be a time limit on getting an abortion. Up to 12 weeks…..further than that, to me, is not right. (I don’t have an answer as to
why)….only perhaps because I saw an abortion that used forceps to pull a 24 week old fetus out and it was awful. But again, I CANNOT be anyone’s judge.
I am here to love and I hope and pray that my choices are right in God’s realm.

This is blunt and shocking, but if one of these women had been my own daughter and she had decided for WHATEVER her reasons – to have an abortion – I would rather have it legal and done in a clinic with loving support than to have her stick a coat hanger up inside her and try to abort it herself. As terrible as that sounds my mama told me
that when abortion was illegal women injured themselves permanently and many died for trying to fulfill their own decision to abort a child. My God how terrible that would be.

So there it is. I hope I have explained my position to you and why as a Christian I am a pro-lifer.

2 Responses to “In response to comments from nobodyreely (on abortion)”

  1. Kay Says:

    I came looking for meaty ideas and good writing. Thank you again for providing some thoughtful prose.
    I have a similar take on Christianity. I was brought up in a devout Christian family. Despite that, I’ve found my Christianity is better practiced, for me, by my actions on a day-to-day, one-to-one basis rather than on a weekly going-to-church basis where the rituals of practice belong to an earlier century and do not speak to me. I don’t end up getting the intended connection to God that I was supposed to, so it doesn’t work for me.
    I like your comment “I am here to love and I hope and pray that if my choices are right in God’s realm.”
    Allah, Jehovah, the Christian God, the Lord of Creation, and many other names have been applied to the Supreme Being, creator of our universe. I believe they are all one and the same Being, and the basic teachings are about love, kindness, honesty and respectful living with others. All the small details are unimportant.
    The question of abortion is a difficult one. I can see many reasons why it might be valid to have an abortion; I can see many reasons why we should be more tolerant, caring and supportive of our daughters who find themselves in dire circumstances with an unwanted and unexpected pregnancy.
    I know some of my age peers who were single mothers at a very early age, who were pregnant in their mid teens and who were supported by their families. The children growing up with their loving families around turned in to lovely caring adults. But I have also seen the sadness of children who do not know their own families because young child-women were forced to give up their babies to adoption. How cruel that was to the mother and to the infant/child/adult! The wrenching apart of souls who were intended to live and grow together.
    Sometimes that forcing of young pregnant women to give up their babies was done in the name of Christianity – Oh, how we mix up societal rules and norms with Christianity in order to subject people to a common standard!
    From all the teachings in the Bible, I can’t think of any where Jesus taught us to banish young pregnant woman to their own devices; nor to withdraw support from them should they have strayed from the path of righteousness. Jesus taught us that only “he who is without sin” could cast the first stone. He taught that Mary Magdalene who was purported to be a fallen women was to be treated with respect, despite her past.
    I’m very glad in this and the past century, that value of the word Bastard has continued to diminish in potency. We have made great progress. Single mothers are no longer shunned or driven out of communities. The children are no longer castigated as misfits and pariahs. In my humble opinion, these are advances that make it a lot easier for a woman to continue on with a pregnancy.
    I’d like to see the Pro Choice camp provide more counseling for expectant mothers who consider abortions so that the young women can rationally talk out their fears and their concerns. I suspect that one of the worst possible scenarios for these young people is to be trapped in one’s own thoughts, becoming terrified with “what ifs” and having no one to sort them out with.
    I sit on the fence on the issue, overall. I think there are some circumstances where abortion is justifiable. I also thing there are lots of circumstances where abortion could be avoided and a healthy family situation for a newborn could be devised if only the pregnant woman had supportive counseling to assist her in her choice to bring her pregnancy to term.
    I’ve blathered on.
    Blessings on you.

  2. suburbanlife Says:

    Marsha… this is a thoughtful commentary by you, also thought provoking. My mother, now deceased, during her long life discussed some of her and other women’s conundrum in being biologically prolific and yet unable to provide the wherewithal of supporting yet another human life due to circumstances within which they found themselves and their families. The technologies of birth-control had been notoriously unreliable, and often the decision to abort a child was thrust upon women. Many methods of aborting life meant certain death for the women also. And many women bringing children into life outside marriage often saddled their children with fabricated origin stories that caused much difficulty for their children later on, and sometimes even children, unwanted but accepted, had extra burdens to bear during their life-times. This is a tough issue that requires much hard and honest consideration. Strident, absolutist stances do not aid women to come to grips with the complexities of bringing children into the world as children who are wanted, welcomed and supported.

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