The easter bunny sucks!

I have nothing against bunnies. I love them. I just specifically hate the easter bunny because it has nothing to do with the “true meaning” of Easter…for me. The celebration has turned into (just like Christmas) – a shopping mania for the baskets and candy. YES, I did participate when my children were quite young. Don’t we (at least once in our lives) all fall into buying what is being sold to us?

Yesterday I went to a store and just a head of me in line was a women who had one easter basket. (She was in the 10 items or less line). I couldn’t help myself…I just couldn’t!

I said, “Wow, the child you are getting all this candy for is sure going to be excited.”

She replied, “It’s for my son. I haven’t seen him for a year as he is with his dad so I am getting him this basket.”

“Well”, I started (and had to hold myself back from chuckling outloud), “He will sure be hopped up with all the sugar – bet dad will love that!” I just
couldn’t shut up and continued, “I am sure you didn’t see the sign, but this line is for ten items or less.”

She fained no knowledge of seeing the sign (it was obvious she was fibbing)- and just said, “whoops” as the cashier rang up over $100.00 worth of stuff crammed into the basket……I am NOT KIDDING.

So you must understand when I say I hate the easter bunny it is actually the
multi-billion dollar corporations that promote “buy-buy-buy” at all the times that actually had some “real” meaning, for many people, at one time.

I fess up too – I do believe in Jesus as the only begotten son of God (HEY-THAT IS MY RIGHT!). I am not apologizing. I embrace what I believe with all my heart and soul.

I believe He was crucified and was the first of us here on earth to “come back”…..He is my Lord and Savior. I would be remiss if I did not declare this on my own blog at this time. I am not trying to convince you of what I believe – but for me there is no other way.

So I will just say again, except for the smiles on the faces of children finding hidden eggs and laughing at the sight of a bunny, the easter bunny sucks in general!

…..Empties the pockets and fills our children with enough tasty sugar to kill
sixteen bunnies.

I still hope that whom ever you are, what ever you believe or don’t believe, and what ever you do tomorrow (Sunday), you have a WONDERFUL day. BLESSINGS be upon you:)

I will be saying my prayers

3 Responses to “The easter bunny sucks!”

  1. jen Says:

    We don’t normally do Easter (non-religious) but now with a toddler we thought it would be fun to celebrate. We are celebrating it the pagan way, as a spring renewal/fertility holiday which is where it originated. I bought a nice basket that will last for a long long time and filled it with crayons, a colouring book and some gardening tools, all for less than $20 buck. No chocolate or candy as we don’t feed Hay that kind of stuff. We don’t really buy toys for Hayley during the year so I have no problem doing so on her birthday, Easter and Christmas. We also dyed eggs for her to collect. It should be fun.

    Happy Easter!

  2. suburbanlife Says:

    One Easter, back in Hungary in my early childhood, father produced two downy baby geese for us at Easter. We were to raise them to adulthood. As we were living in an apartment, we raised the geese until pin-feather stage on our back balcony, took them out for strolls in the park on leashes, dressed them in baby clothes and took them for outings in a baby buggy. As they grew larger, they began to vigorously resist our ministrations by pecking and biting us. Thus they were then boarded with a farmer in a neighbouring village. Our daily chore during summer was to gather thistle plants and take them to the farmer’s wife for the geese. They grew into spectacular large white birds.
    In the fall, these geese were butchered. We feasted on goose-liver pate, our favourite, with noodles basted with goose fat.
    To this day, I associate Easter with the burgeoning of young life, that sustains us through the year and helps us to work toward the bounty that provides sustenance during the coming winter. it is a resurrection of spring, and what that signifies. The Christian Easter story also signals this promise.
    Bunnies and chocolates have scant relationship to all this symbolically, in my mind.

  3. rachelle Says:

    I think this is a fun holiday for the kids. However we need to make sure they know the true meaning and what easter stands for and what it is really all about…. Its not just about a bunny and toys and candy its about our savior our god. Same with christmas… I love christmas but it gets depressing when it comes to the point that its a war on who can buy the biggest,best and most gifts. We all have our own beliefs… however dont forget how we all got here on earth and if you cant see it that way. Just look at a new born baby and what a miricle of life that child is.

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