Virginia Tech tragedy and gun control

Here I go again. I am not swaying from the “Relax, it’s just Life!” theme, but in learning to relax we must also deal with life’s tragic events and be able to recover and go forth from them.

My prayers, my thoughts, my positive energies I send to all those involved in today’s tragic events.
The loss of a child is the worst possible thing that can happen in a lifetime as far as I am concerned.

Now to the discussion of gun control. It is not the gun that kills people. It is the people that kill each other. The subject of gun control has been out of control for years. There are some places in Texas that allow individuals to wear their gun on their hip. I understand violence is down in those places.

But that doesn’t mean everyone should be a gun slinger. One thing I know for sure – the bad guys will always have guns. This is a fact. There is no gun control where the bad guys are concerned. No one will willingly hand over the guns they have to anyone else. It just won’t happen.

Personally I do believe in the right to protect one’s self. I have been beat up, had an attempted rape, and live in an area that is populated with more violent sex offenders than any one city should have in it. I would hope and pray that those things would never happen again to me. I will hope and pray that violence never finds my children.

I’ve asked myself if I would kill over and over again. The answer is always the same. “I hope I never will have to even think about that, but if someone was attacking my children or someone I love, I would kill them if necessary. I know I would.

When I had been beaten up, I was told it was “an accident”, but it happened again. There was a time I had a shotgun held to my head while my children slept in another room. I was told, “If I can’t have you – no one will.”

I escaped. I was able to talk my way out. But as soon as I could be “rid” of the problem I placed
a shotgun by the back door. I would never be threatened again like that. Never again would I be without protection from someone, and particularly with my children in my home.

I once took a shot at this person to keep him from me. Not to kill, but to make him go away. He did.
It’s tough to fess up to this because I am a Christian. But I believe God has his warriors and that
there should always be good people able to protect those who are unable to protect themselves.

I know how to shoot a gun. I took classes in gun care and for years had a permit to carry a weapon. Good people, intelligent (not fly off the handle sort of people) – people who aren’t drinkers, nor those who use drugs, people who know it is better to have peace and resolve a situation when possible, should have the right have a weapon. I firmly believe this.

The problem therein comes in deciding who should / who is / and who isn’t able to handle it.

It’s tough to figure out who will go off the deep end and who can maintain their cool. Who should be in charge of deciding? Certainly I want no one to decide for me.

When you think the use of guns should be prohibited to private citizens, remember the holocaust. Remember how many brutal murders and lives have been lost over decades because no one had any way to defend themselves.

I would love to say I can win anyone over by having love and peace in my heart. This isn’t the
way it is. If someone were attacking me or my loved ones I would kill if I had to do so. I swore
when I had blood dripping from my face clear to my toes that it would never happen again – not to me, not to anyone I love.

Today’s tragedy might not have happened if this person hadn’t had access to a gun. But it might have been a bomb instead. We can’t forsee who will snap, who is capable of brutality, or how something terrible like this can happen. It just happens.

I still defend the right to protect me and my family and loved ones. If I am wrong, may God forgive me. I will not give up my right to carry arms and protect myself and those that I love.

2 Responses to “Virginia Tech tragedy and gun control”

  1. Rainbow Says:

    N.C. student makes threats, then shoots Him self
    another Eugene, Ore made a homemade bomb
    Both Wed, April 18th.
    It just seems things are getting worse. I think kids need help.

  2. scottfree2b Says:

    Actually there were students at Virginia Tech who are licenced to carry but it is against school policy to allow guns on campus. Had that policy not been instigated perhaps a few could have been saved. Perhaps not. I agree with you though that if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Criminals don’t care much for our little laws.

    I just found your blog at suburban life. I’m enjoying your take on life!

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