Hot Wax

NORMALLY I would not share something like this, but I am still chuckling from it. I am going kayaking
with my girlfriend tomorrow. I decided it was time to perhaps “trim the winter fuzz”. Then a brilliant
idea came to me. “I think I’ll wax that tinybit of hair on my chin, and give myself a hot bikini wax too.”

Mind you, I have never done this before. I purchased the wax. Quiet afternoon, nothing pressing, so
I put the wax in the microwave and heated it just like the directions said. Not hard, not runny – just right.

I began on my chin.OUCH!Mind you, I am pretty tough. It actually hurt, but I liked the way it worked. “Okay”, I thought, “now for the bikini wax. SURE………

That REALLY HURT! I had to finish what I started. I consider myself someone who is a person who learns by watching something being done. On my own, it takes a bit of practice. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Then the phone rang and by the time I got back the wax was probably not quite soft enough. Somehow
I put too much on some places and too little on others. I began to rip off wax before it was ready, and had to pick off remnants of that which got too hard, too fast.

Then the wax starting sticking to my fingers and my fingernails. Have you ever made taffy? By the time the next couple of minutes came round I was picking wax off my fingers and trying to get my fingers apart to pick the wax off my fingernails.

My poor legs were red and looked as if I’d shaved them ( you women know how sometimes when you shave you get little red marks for a time.) Then they begin the next day to itch. Well, I got that from the wax! Anyway, I had gotten most of the winter coat off, but there was still some left. By the time I got my hands clean the wax was too hard and I was laughing too hard to concentrate! I shaved the rest.

There it is. My confession of my first hot wax experience. Interesting, to say the least:)

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