Yes – I watch Idol!

I call it “mindless humor” – with some laughs and some talent to enjoy. I am a people person, so the varied group is intriguing to me and reminds me how different (and alike) we all are.

Bravo for their project to help in Africa. Bravo also for recognizing and bringing to the forefront the fact that in America we have a huge number of people that need help. I don’t think it may be a well known fact around the world as we all seem like fat cats – but that’s not true. From small children to adults, there are people in America who are in desperate need of help too.

I appreciate this and never actually voted until last night when they mentioned for every call money was being raised to help all these folks! Tonight is another night we all can help by just picking up the phone to vote – no money (unless you choose) – just vote. 🙂

Honor and enjoy all that you have – be it a car, a cell phone, food on the table, whatever. Be greatful and have a beautiful day!

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