Bob is a former veteran….(see photo below)

…..and Bob is homeless. He is one of America’s two million homeless, and he needs help like so many do!

I first saw Bob about eight years ago. I was leaving a local market and I saw this tall bearded guy talking to himself on the road. He was loud and carried on a very definitelyangry conversation with himself. I just winced and drove by, trying not to stare.

It’s difficult to know whether someone out there is is “legitimate”, so to speak. I mean, once I stopped because I saw a woman with two children and a baby and she had a sign that said “we need money for food”.

At the time we were on a very tight budget, so I went home and made sandwiches, got a bag full of groceries and bottles of water. When I presented them to the mom she looked at me, rather with disgust, and said: “I need money. My mom is in the mall buying the children shoes.”

I hadn’t shopped at the mall for a long time. She didn’t want the groceries. I put the groceries back in the car (except a bag of graham crackers the little girl had spotted. She was happy.

I was confused. Who needs help? Are they just lazy? Are they using the money for drugs, or alcohol, or cigarettes? I don’t have money or food to share with everyone.

I began to limit my sharing to those who had up signs saying “Will work for food” – particularly for those souls whom no one would ever hire to do anything. Would you hire a stranger to do yard work? Or put him in an office with no work clothes, no shower, no place to live? I don’t think so. I couldn’t.

I did the go home and get something more than once. One time for an old guy NO ONE would ever hire. He obviously needed help, for whatever reason. It didn’t matter. I handed him a lunch and ice water and he was thrilled.

The people who have the sign “need money for a beer” might think it cute, but I pass them by. Occasionally there will be someone with a puppy or dog (I understand that could be
good for someone with no home. Something to love and protect. ) So when I haven’t had the money, I have given water and dog food.

My husband says, “Why can’t they work like I do? It’s the young ones that get me. The ones that are healthy. Let them fend for themselves.”

Confused again. We cannot know the circumstances that led them to this place. WHATEVER they are, it is a place I have not had to be, and I am grateful. I just hope if ever I am in need, or someone I love, that someone will help just a bit; have a bit of compassion without judgment.

Bob was calm when I took this photo. He was sitting with a young woman called “Roadie”,
but she did not want her photo taken. I gave Bob a bit of money to share with her – and
bottles of water. He was appreciative.

The homeless in New Orleans alone has gone from 6,000 to 12,000 since Katrina. With
all of us having so much, such an abundance of everything here in America, it just makes sense to share a bit, however you may choose to do so.

I don’t know how the homeless got there. I only know that some of them never intended to be there. I am no one’s judge. I will help when I can, tell them about the mission, the place to get a meal and sleep, and pray for them. My job is to love unconditionally,
and hope and pray that things get better for those in need ALL OVER THE WORLD!

2 Responses to “Bob is a former veteran….(see photo below)”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    You hit the nail on the head. It really is difficult to know who is legitimately in need and who is not. I once provided a beggar with a free lunch ticket at a inexpensive restaurant which would have given her a hot meal. She took the ticket in disgust, shredded it in pieces and cursed at me.
    Another time, I offered to bring a hamburger to a piteous sounding youth of about 13. I asked him what he wanted and he made a tall order which I pared down to some sensible sustaining food. When I got back to him, he had fled. Not knowing what then to do with the hamburger and drink, I gave it to another street beggar who was mightily grateful and tucked right in. He was hungry!
    There is so much need and very little means for an individual to give long term relief to the poor and hungry. I like to give to either the Salvation Army or Union Gospel Mission because they are very effective as an organization in helping street people have healthy warm meals for the cost of a prayer of thankfulness before dinner. Being hungry is one of the worst things – being hungry and not knowing when it will end is devastating.

  2. tranalist Says:

    It’s sooooo true. I’ve had good and bad exchanges with the “homeless.” In San Diego, my sister and I were walking back from a restaurant with our leftovers. As we walked passed a homeless man, I turned around and offered him my sandwich. He straight up refused in a not-so-nice manner; I stood there stunned. I wondered if it’s pride because they don’t like to feel like they’re needy. Whatever it was, I got to eat the rest of my sandwich with a clear conscience 🙂

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