Will you miss me?

I won’t be writing for a couple of days (actually probably until Thursday). This week is VERY busy for me. Writing this blog for me is fun, a pleasure, a wonderful avenue to release thoughts, a great way to make friends and MORE!

I hope that the entries in the future will entrance and entice you to keep reading. I have so many stories to share!

The true stories will be about people I have counseled and met over the years. Some of the stories are pretty hot little tidbits, morsels for you to swallow. Of course I have gotten permission to write them, and the names will be changed to protect the innocent (well maybe not so innocent!).

Others will be written in hopes of helping someone here in inner space. Someone who can’t decide what to do, or what not to do, in life situations that many of us face.

I want YOU to make the best of these moments you are living. Time is fleeting and none of
us can read the future. So laugh, love, hug someone, take a walk, take a breath! This is your life.

Back soon.

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