Dedicated to all moms in the world that have suffered the greatest loss of all

I can think of nothing more difficult on this day, than a mother loosing a child. Because so many of us moms have never had that loss, I would like to dedicate this to the most special moms of all. The mother’s who have had to live with the loss of their child need the prayers and thoughtfulness of all us moms who had not had to accept and endure the precious loss. They must go forward in spirit and accept what has happened.

My heart and love goes to all you moms out there who have lost a child – for whatever reason, and at whatever stage in life, the daunting reality cannot be changed.

In hope of giving HOPE to you, from my strongest knowledge accumulated over a lifetime, from deep within me, I KNOW a child’s eternal spirit is with God, our creator. By whatever name you know him, the magnificence of His power surely takes these Spirits under His wing, from whence they came. A place with no pain and no sadness. A place of rest and safety.

Whether the loss is from the earliest of times, or at a time when the child should be seeking to help an older mom, it doesn’t matter. There is that instinctive love that blossoms within us as we first become with child. That love grows in leaps and bounds and so for whatever the cause that took your child, keep your chins up. Keep feeding your Spirit to strengthen and empower you.

KNOW, without a single doubt, that someone else here on the planet shares your mending heart, and KNOW many of us that may never even cross your path in this lifetime, are sending positive healing energy and prayers your way today and every day!

A post to honor my mama can be seen at

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