The down side of technology – addendum

The separation of the population is increasing in, not baby steps, but giant steps.

“Divide and conquer.”
“A house divided against itself will not stand.”

I love the technology we have available. I think the internet is a fantastic source of information, a way to express one’s self, and a great way to meet new friends.

I also think there are a couple of things that make this segment of technology horrible. You all know what I mean. The dark side.

My answer to that is, don’t go to the dark side. Keep your kids safe and keep an eye on their activities too.

The other major problem with the internet and cell phones and all the tiny things we love to carry and watch and play on… that they are separating people. When I am on the computer, which is often, because I enjoy it so, my husband and I are not communicating.

Even if you have two computers in one room, you are still “separate” in thought and action. That goes for the children too. They opt to be on the computer, not only for school, but often times when they could be outside enjoying what’s left of our atmosphere!

I went for a walk a last week and saw a young mother coming towards me. She was pushing a baby stroller.
There was a young man, probably four or five walking next to her. She wasn’t showing him the ducks on the water. She wasn’t paying any attention to either of the children, but obsessed with talking on her cell phone.

That could have been a memorable day for the little guy.

When my husband and I took a short trip this weekend we went for a walk. Directly ahead of us was a couple. He was walking. She was talking on the cell phone with someone as she walked.

That’s not the first time I’ve seen this. It happens all over.

The worst is that the newly licensed drivers all now are qualified to drive with a cigarette in one hand , hold a cell with another, and the wheel with – ? – oh yes, the knee can handle that!

We are being separated as a people by technology – controlled by machines – and soon, I fear, Big Brother will be in absolute control. (If you haven’t read that old book, pick it up. It may be a bit slow comparatively to today’s writing, but you will get the idea!).

You can become addicted to these wonderful things. Please be sure you equate the value of the human being standing next to you, and the value of these inventions. Once a human is gone from this planet, that is
it for now! Machines are with us for the duration.

5 Responses to “The down side of technology – addendum”

  1. Mobile Concepts » The down side of technology - addendum Says:

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  2. Jersey Guy Says:

    I beg to differ, the internet doesn’t separate people, it brings us together. For example, I would probably have no idea that you exist but for the internet. I don’t believe that physical contact is necessary in order to get to know people.


  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thanks for that input. I do agree with you that physical contact isn’t ALWAYS necessary in order to get to know people. However, I think perhaps it depends on the people. I’ve been
    conned by people that have stood right in front of me. I think for some of us, we are now
    able to discern and get that insight to be able to differentiate between real and con-artists.

    You must admit there is definitely some fraud happening on the internet. Thanks for your
    input though as you gave me food for thought!

  4. Jersey Guy Says:

    Yep, there is fraud on the internet, but the internet is just a facilitator in that case. There, unfortunately, has always been fraud in “real life”. The worst that I’ve experienced personally was from people who looked us in the eyes and lied about a housing project that we had bought into. I have never experienced anything like that on the web. YMMV.


  5. RubyShooZ Says:


    I have been thinking of adding something like this post to my blog but in a different light. I’ve had many experiences on the internet and while many have been excellent, there is indeed a down side to it all. I do hope to post about it in the future.

    Marsha, nice “meeting” you and hope to see you around here or there. I got here by way of the Jersey Guy’s weblog, just so you know where I came from out of the blue.

    Have a beautiful day~

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