$100 billion for continuing war costs

WAIT JUST A MINUTE. Let me expound on a few things that this money might be spent on. Disregarding the fact war is hell, it is stupid, people are dying for nothing, and it never resolves anything, let these facts settle in your thoughts for a moment.

I know “Relax, it’s just Life!” is my blog – but if you never voice an opinion, if you never state your philosophy, if you never deal with the problems at hand, you will never be able to relax. So let’s be honest.

We invest billions of dollars around the world, but our own USA is deteriorating in critical time. Our cities have poor, if not terrible public transit. Our airports are very crowded and inefficient. We are so far behind other countries in rail transportation; it is humiliating. Our roads suck (don’t know how else to put it) – 97% are in need of improvement, and in the meantime traffic jams and autos and trucks on roadways increase daily.

I live near a huge dam. We have almost 80,000 dams in the USA and over 3,500 need repair. It’s a damn shame we can’t afford to do anything about it. Last grump – the EPA estimates we need huge amounts of money to repair and upgrade wastewater systems. Without those repairs we could be in deep s–t, literally.

If you added everything here that I’ve mentioned (and this is just touching on the subject), we could use a minimum of $800 billion to begin the task of “Saving America”.

I do understand the fear many have about leaving Iraq. Let’s say, you have a bully on the block and though he hasn’t done anything to you, you decide to put him in his place, just to be safe. Okay. The bully and his immediate gang are ousted and everyone on the block seems to be getting back to normal.

However, things keep happening. Bad things. There are groups of people who don’t like what you’ve done, and they are fighting back, even with their neighbors. What do you do now?

Do you go back home and just let all hell break loose? You get the reputation of being weak and the bullies that you missed decide that if you can’t even handle this problem, and now you are chicken on top of it, maybe they can come to your house and take over….at least cause as much damage as they felt you did to their space.

It is a all food for thought. For now ALL WE CAN DO – is pray (if you so choose – and I do), try to accomplish your
individual goals with peaceful ACTION, and voice your opinions on what I think blogs truly have become: A Freedom Forum

One Response to “$100 billion for continuing war costs”

  1. Jersey Guy Says:

    I only wish that ideas like yours would find a bully pulpit. How refreshing to read something like this.


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