And the winner of the relaxation CD is…….

Mohsen Shojaee Far. Congratulations – Your CD is on the way to North Cypress. Check out Mohsen’s blog:

MEMORIAL HOLIDAY ADVICE: BE SAFE. BE SMART. BE MODERATE. This Memorial Day weekend is just that – a Memorial to honor the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in service of their country. We pay tribute to them this Memorial weekend. Don’t forget to say a prayer for their Spirits or honor them in whatever way you choose.

Do not dishonor this time by drinking and driving. We don’t want to have an unnecessary memorial for you and your passengers, or innocent bystanders. THINK before you drink…..because after, your vision and thoughts may be blurred.
Be honest about this fact. You know it’s true! Have fun and save lives.

One Response to “And the winner of the relaxation CD is…….”

  1. Mohsen Shojaee Far Says:

    Thanks Marsha, but actually that address refer to north Cyprus (they call it by postal address Mersin 10 turkey)

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