It is strange, very definitely. Every time something comes up and I have to do something I THINK I don’t want to do, but do it anyway, I seem to get more in the long run. It’s so funny how that works.

I guess we are all basically pretty selfish. It’s hard to be flexible enough to change according to “what happens.” But guess what? Every time I have been forced (because I am a good person, or because it’s the right thing to do, or because I seem to have no choice) things ALWAYS work out for the best! It’s amazing.

I believe if we always follow the rules of unconditional love, and give sometimes even when it hurts, we are ALWAYS rewarded for following one simple and basic premise – LOVE.

Love if you don’t feel like it, love if it’s not what you particularly had planned, love until it hurts…..and just passed that moment, in walks character; in walks strength; the door is opened to a vast array of new choices in life.

The key is LOVE! With love must come service, service to one another. We are all here to love and serve one another, in my prospective. We are all just a reflection of our inner most thoughts and our actions.

When we decide finally to give up a little, we actually give to ourselves. An amazing progression of human character manifests. Hope arises. The hope that someone, in our time of tribulation, or the tribulations of those we love, someone will in turn, give to us in the name of love.

Without fail the premise works. Don’t ask for a guarantee. If your choice is right and is based in love, if you act according to your heart and natural instinct (you must listen for the instinctive gifts) – YOU CANNOT FAIL. This is a no fail plan! Trust me:)

2 Responses to “Life”

  1. beeela Says:

    beautiful post!
    You said everythin with one word:Love.

  2. Andrés Says:

    lovely words

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