I have $55,000.00 less than I thought I had this morning!

Life is such a challenge, isn’t it? NO. I don’t have that kind of money at all! Not even. My husband works so many hours every day just to go from paycheck to paycheck. I am trying to be a “media person” for my relaxation CD and small book,
but it’s tough to gain people’s trust and acceptance.

Last evening we thought we might put our home on the market again. I know, the market is down, it’s flooded here where I live – but my darling NEEDS to leave the heat and get back to the mountains. He moved here to care for my mama until she passed on. He moved here for love.

So anyway…..I spoke with a real estate salesperson. I gave her some figures and she assured me we would come out with a certain amount of money when the debts were paid. Hee hee. She kind of wrote down the wrong figures and made a wee bit of an error – to the tune of $55,000.00 (NOT in our favor). Oh well, easy come, easy go.

We’ve lived here for 20 years and had hoped our home had appreciated as we’d thought. Well, it did – just long enough for so many people to buy over their heads,
go into equity debt, and now all these hard working folks are in a terrible bind, and loosing their homes on top of it.

We aren’t and I am thankful, and yet, I feel sorrow and truly empathy for so many families. IF we were ever given the “right” information we could make better choices. But we are used, abused, and take our knocks like good little workers who thought they were hearing the truth.

I am not complaining for me, you understand. I am thankful for every thing big and small in our lives – but more so for the health and well being of our loved ones. I
know we have much more than so many brothers and sisters in the world.

It was a fun night playing with the possibility of money above debt. Money to dream with and play with…..but it’s okay. I am happy no matter what. Whatever state I am in I am thankful for each breath, for each moment to share love, and for all the beauty that still is bountiful in this world. I hope you are too!

Enjoy – the moments of life are fleeting and precious. Call someone you love. Hug someone. Pick something wonderful about an individual and let them know you see it, and appreciate it. We all too often hear the negative. Be positive. Be loving.

Thank you! I care.:)

2 Responses to “I have $55,000.00 less than I thought I had this morning!”

  1. Mohsen Shojaee Far Says:

    but thats good

  2. rebec143 Says:

    i agree….so many things to be thankful for!

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