Regarding YouTube recommendation a couple of days ago

Andres tells me the link was broken and he couldn’t view it. I may have done something wrong posting it! Try taking the address: and cutting and pasting it and see if you can get it. I did it on Safari and got the video…

If you can’t get into by that method, do this: Forget it (just kidding) – I am not a YouTube expert at all, so I don’t honestly have a clue how you would seek it out. But you could try, if you have the time and are so inclined:).

That’s the best I can figure out for now. Hope it works. Now read the article below entitled
“I’m just being honest.” Please:). If you opt to try my CD or book, I PROMISE – zero saturated fat and no calories!

CREATE A SPLENDID week for yourself and others around you. Think and be happy! No more advertising my “stuff” for another month…I promised:)

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