Thoughts of peace and joy

The morning mist softens the horizon. Mountain peaks hide beneath thick layers of transparent fog. Though the reoccurring and endless waves hit over and over on sandy beaches, only the sound of the pounding waves can be heard.

It is a mystery beyond the sandy reef. If it were not for the sound it would not be known that the waves break secretly only footsteps away.

Clusters of tiny morning birds sing praise to the day, swooping and darting in graceful patterns, then landing one by one. A game of follow the leader, it seems to be.
As the dampness lifts little yellow flowers poke through the now obvious hillside. The quiet enfolds me in a rush of peace and calm.

As the sun breaks into song the horizon is visible with the water’s movement. Shining like brilliant diamonds the waves break louder now against the shoreline.

How can we not be joyous when the beauty of this earth still can be seen. My friends, be mindful of this beauty and grateful to be able to enjoy it.

For those who are not able, for whatever reason, to seek this beauty, close your eyes and visualize it. Our minds can take us anywhere we choose.
Take a breath. I hope the photos transport you to a place of beauty and peace.

There is more than meets the eyes…..beach-and-gull2.jpg mountains.jpgcoquille-river-meets-ocean.jpgeast-coast-beach1.jpgmm087.jpg

2 Responses to “Thoughts of peace and joy”

  1. D. Peace Says:

    Those pictures are really beautiful. You should publish your own calender.

    Good job. 🙂

  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Awesome pictures! Especially the first one.
    I enjoy your verbal visions too – the writing conjures up great pictures.

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