Happy Father’s Day for all you guys out there that take it seriously!

There are a lot of you guys out there who REALLY deserve special accolades for the work you are doing as Dads! Being a parent is the toughest job in the world, and being a good dad requires so much dedication and unconditional love!

I was blessed with a great father who loved me no matter what I did! He had a wonderful sense of humor and would fight to the death for me in necessary.

This was daddy. He worked on wooden oil wells, born in Taft – an oil town. He wild catted wells when I was a kid and his last job was as an oilfield consultant. NO. He didn’t own any of the oil he found, but he
made me proud because of all his hard work. I used to go out on the rigs with him, and to this day I love the smell of diesel and oil and don’t mind getting dirty at all!

I remember one time when I had gone through a nasty divorce and my ex-husband was stalking me. Dad
and I went to the grocery store. When we got out to the car dad pulled one of those grocery dividers – you know, the hard plastic ones – out of his sleeve. I said what in the world is that doing up your sleeve dad. His response: “Well, I may be 65, but if that SOB tries to put a hand on you, baby, this is my “equalizer”. What a guy. He’d have done it too!

My dad was the first example of what makes up a good man. I so admired him, and I actually believe that
the love of my life has many of my daddy’s qualities. To a son, a good father means the opportunity for a good life! He shows his sons how to be a real man, how to treat a woman, and how to guide his children
to direct their talents and explore their intellects.

So for all you guys who muster extra patience, all the money in the world, understanding, dedication, an open mind, actually a huge portion of your lives – GOD BLESS YOU ONE AND ALL!

2 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day for all you guys out there that take it seriously!”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Marsha, what a wonderful father you had.
    Mine was great too, so I understand your pride, love and compassion for him. He was a great example to everyone around him.

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