Male Climacteric

Hey guys (around age 35 +) notice ANY of these symptoms?

* Decreased mental quickness and sharpness
* Decreased energy, strength and endurance
* Less desire for activity and exercise
* Decreased muscle and increased body fat
* Mild to moderate depression and irritability
* Depression and/or loss of eagerness and enthusiasm for daily life
* Decreased sex drive
* Decreased sexual function and/or sensitivity

Before I continue I want to clarify something. This information is not to belittle or injury anyone! It is not shameful to experience NORMAL physiological changes- if we are lucky enough to age!

We’ve all heard of the menopause happening in women, but not too many of us have heard about a man’s challenge in facing this time.

All women hear is that men are scoundrels, screwed up, or just a mess all together. The reasons behind this (in most cases) are real, and they can be helped. That is why I want to share this with you.

The most happy men and women I know have “understanding” of each
other’s physical challenges. I say challenges because there is such a nasty misnomer about so many of the natural changes men and women see in a lifetime. Knowledge is power, and I hope to empower you with the means to greater understanding, patience and peace

For women, it is the menopause, and for men it is “climacteric” (or andropause) , the corresponding time in the life of men 35 and older. The word climacteric comes from the Greek word klimakter, which means literally a rung of a ladder, or figuratively a critical point.

Climacteric is the l physiological process that marks the end of maturation and the beginning of new stages in life. It’s defining point normally takes place without any external influences. The changes in personality and a man’s actions often reflect a decline in male hormones. There is life after the climacteric period!

There are some who feel that hormone replacement therapy helps. The body declines in testosterone, thyroid, human growth hormone, and DHEA. I also TRULY BELIEVE that when people (male or female) are aware
of what is happening to their bodies, it is much easier to find a plan
to help the scenario.

When I entered the menopause , younger than most at 34, my mama had told me all about it. She swore that much of it was “placed” in our heads by well meaning authorities that assume everyone will experience the same symptoms and problems. This is simply NOT TRUE!

We are all different, have different background, genes, health histories,
and face these things individually. I truly believe in the power of mind over matter, and know that the way we tackle a challenge depends on our mental state.

I knew a fellow once who was hurt in an accident. He kept thinking, “I’m really hurt. I won’t heal.” The doctor’s couldn’t find anything and attributed it to possible nerve damage. I think he “thought himself” permanently disabled, and is this way after 20 years.

I was in a serious accident and was told I wouldn’t heal and do the same work. Well, I believe in prayer, but I also refused to believe that I would be permanently kept from being me. It took time, but gratefully, everything healed and I kept on doing what I do!

Back to you guys. Don’t think, “I am getting old” , “there is nothing I can do, etc.” BS. Start thinking in positive terms and realizing that there are hormone treatments, natural therapies, and mind over matter works, if you work at it!

Besides, most older guys I know haven’t aged badly at all. In fact, it seems for men, that most men age beautifully and are still sexy and handsome – gray hair and all.

JUST BE AWARE THAT CHANGES YOU MAY BE FEELING MAY NOT BE BOREDOM IN A RELATIONSHIP, BEING WEARY OF A JOB, WANTING TO MOVE OR CHANGE SOMETHING……..You may simply be going through something that is very natural and happens to most men at this point in their life. Chin up! Knowledge is power!

As for the women folk, I think we need to keep these things in mind and be supportive of the guys….just like I hope they will be for us!

3 Responses to “Male Climacteric”

  1. 9bd6c2cd3d60e38738f22f3efe4e94d5 Says:



  2. Jennifer Butler Says:

    It’s about time. I always thought that my husband was going through the same hormonal rollercoaster ride as I. Now I know he has.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Absolutely. The difference is (and I am NOT knocking the male gender) – we handle it differently. We may bitch and moan, but sometimes, with the weaker men, they feel so insecure they stray….I am in high hopes your hubby is like mine and not so inclined. 🙂 At least we know it is NORMAL. I think they protested the “male menapause” so heartily because it seems less than strong and viral. It’s not, it’s normal.

    Thanks for taking time to share!

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