If you read that article posted on the miracle diet drug, you might want to check out my thoughts on it (or not:). I’ve been a personal trainer and health consultant for 20+ years. Check out the article I posted on June 13th entitled “Be careful about this over the counter drug” (or something like that:). I concur with the thoughts not to mess around with it!

The very best way to get your body in shape is the old fashioned way – eat a bit less, move, and drink lots of water (water weight is not fat weight) – actually helps to digest and keep your body working optimally. You don’t have to kill yourself by exercising hours either! Cut out a couple hundred calories a day, CONSISTENTLY walk or workout MINIMUM three days a week – as little as 30 minutes a day. EXERCISE your patience and remember: if you are doing the right things for your body it is a GUARANTEED win-win situation. This is the physiology of the body!

Have a fantastic day!

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