Vo-Thanhnut, an artist’s perception

I was watering my yard a few days ago and a very polite gentleman asked if I would like to look at copies of his artwork, and perhaps buy one. He was careful not to come on my property, but showed great respect of my “space”.

I did look and found two pieces I purchased. One was an angel with dragonfly wings. My girlfriend loves dragonflies so I got it for her. The other was just, to me, an interesting perception of current affairs.
Now remember – I am a political atheist – I think most lie and cheat, and we are lucky if an honest one is in the group at all. I hate war and believe it resolves nothing, and that it is manipulated by those money men who rule our lives.

This is Vo-thanhnut’s perception, not mine. He is half Vietnamese and half ? (I asked the about the history of his name.) Hope you find it interesting. I admire people who are talented in the area of drawing or painting. I have ZIP talent in those areas, so I enjoy other’s works.

2 Responses to “Vo-Thanhnut, an artist’s perception”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    That’s one talented guy!. Please let him know next time he’s passing by.

  2. Liana Merete Says:

    they only wanna do you dir. Liana Merete.

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