Sporadic posts

Hello! My posts will be sporadic until July 13th. I am 3,000 miles from home and on a trip visiting family! Yahoo….love all the hugs and kisses. I will probably be exhausted by the time I return as I am learning to boogie board and hopefully surf too!

I will be sunburned (I do wear sunscreen), battered by the waves and boards-and happy as a little bird. My wonderful husband is home working in temperatures between 100-110+ all the while.
He rocks! I do miss him all ready as I am still totally in love with the guy.

Take advantage of every moment, take a breath, and ENJOY each day!

2 Responses to “Sporadic posts”

  1. Sunshine Says:

    You’re tagged.

    Happy vacationing.

  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Have a great time! Tell us some stories afterwards. I hope your weather is good.

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