Air Travelers Be Aware

The first day of my trip I really did stand in line for 7 1/2 hours. No one from the airlines told anyone in line what the problem was and why so many flights were canceled.

As I stood at the end of the line, I was comforted by the knowledge I teach stress management. I
knew this would test me, and that I would rise above the situation. Phew! So many people and such strong stress vibrations early in the day already permeating the air.

I immediately called the airlines and stuck out waiting on the cell for almost an hour. When I finally got through I was given no reason WHY flights were canceled, but found that after the representative checked every other airline, I would not be able to flight out until the next morning.

I grabbed a flight and a seat. Still it was necessary to stand in line all day to confirm the flight and get my ticket. As the hours passed I was able to share some “stress management techniques” with many people in line. I actually taught breathing and tried to share positive thoughts and affirmations. In doing so, it helped me too.

At the 6th hour in line many people began to sit down and take turns running to get food or drink.
Everyone was exhausted, but to the credit of these hundreds of people, security was called only once to calm a man down.

Towards the end of the day I was about the 20th in line and one of the agents waved me to his counter. I don’t know why, but he picked me and another lady out of the line and said he would
help us.

She was not so fortunate as I was. My daughter lives in San Francisco and so I spent the night with her. This lady had a thick accent (not sure from what country). He told her she would not be able to fly out until Saturday. She began to cry and I tried to comfort her and put my arm around her. She was grateful and pulled herself together a bit.

Anyway, she accepted the flight and left to go to the restroom. I had already made a reservation earlier and so I just needed a ticket and confirmation. I looked for her as I wanted to take her with me to my daughter’s place and help her, but she was gone….

So here is the deal. BE PREPARED. Once you are checked through security, make sure you buy a container of water to carry with you. Also, bring nuts, health bars, fruit, whatever you can keep with you to snack on if you need it. Wear comfortable shoes, and don’t wear a dress! I had a skirt and blouse on and there was no way I could sit on the floor and maintain being a lady. The skirt was too short. So I stood all day.

Be kind to one another if you find yourself in this position. I was the first to get through to the airlines and several women asked if I would keep the rep on the line so they could talk directly without waiting any longer. Of course that was fine with me.

There were two men in line trying to get home to Texas to flooded homes, one woman who’d been trapped on that American Airlines for 10 hours, children of all ages, and all kinds of different people. I was proud to be a human that day!

There is still a fine pulling together of people in tough situations. Hearts were open. We rather became family….even exchanging emails and cell phone numbers. So if something like this happens to you, just remember:

YOU can make a difference to yourself and others by your actions.

2 Responses to “Air Travelers Be Aware”

  1. waltzingaustralia Says:

    I love your response to the situation. Things do happen, and the airlines can’t be control the floods, ice storms, bomb scares, or whatever else slows things down — but as you say, we do have control over how we respond. I really appreciate your pointing out how things can be handled well. I have often been delayed, and have felt sorry for the airline personnel who face screaming, red-faced customers. Sure, it would be nice if everything always went smoothly, but it doesn’t.

    I think it’s great that you could teach stress management while you waited. What a truly helpful thing to do. And the advice you offer is very good. Only thing I’d alter slightly is, if you do where a skirt, make it a long skirt. I always where a long skirt, and I find that it can often be more comfortable than pants if you’re sitting on the ground, especially if the pants are a little snug. But a lot of good advice. And I’m encouraged to hear that most people behaved well.


  2. Kingfisherj Says:

    Thanks for the info. I fly about once a year and have never been in quite as bad a situation. Glad to hear how people kept their cool and, apparently, helped each other out.

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