Just for fun and your good health

Stop right now and sit up straight! Hold your tummy in while pressing your low back into the chair. (Your pelvis will tip forward) This strengths your back and you can do it throughout the day if you chose to do so!

Now breathe in through the nose – a big breath, making your tummy fill up like a balloon. Exhale through the nose
and let the balloon go down from the bottom upward. Do this several times while thinking: “I am an oxygen machine and I need this to get optimal oxygen. I will become more relaxed, more energetic, and think better just for doing this several times a day.” It’s true!

Now stretch your arms up and really give it a good stretch. Wiggle your tootsies and roll you ankles several times.Point your toes. Now press your heels away from you. (This will help your blood flow upward and stimulate circulation.

Open and close your hands and wiggle your fingers. Roll your wrists.

Quickly blink your eyes several times. Rub your fingertips together until they get warm and place them on your
eyelids for a moment or two. Your eyes work hard for you and blinking keeps them moist.

Keep taking mindful breaths for a moment. Now-SMILE and know you have done a “mini” workout for your body, spirit and mind, and that someone here in BlogLand cares for you. Love one another!

3 Responses to “Just for fun and your good health”

  1. purplebeard Says:

    Hey, that was fun. Enjoyed the mini.
    YL Purplebeard

  2. The Health Shack Health Blog Says:

    Buy Supplements Online

    The question whether one should go on a strict diet in order to loose abdominal fat, can best be answered by first trying to understand what exactly is meant by the term diet.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I have been an aerobics instructor, personal trainer, worked in the field of nutrition and
    calibrated exercise programs for long term pain patients, and a personal health consultant
    for over 20 years.

    I love what I do and believe in it. People have the right to be healthy and strong, body, mind and spirit. I am not sure how your response is reflective of my post, nevertheless, I will
    explain what diet means to me.

    We should NOT go on a diet. Our diet should be the food we take in each day. Our diet should be filled with good foods, moderate in quantity and somewhat different for each of us.

    People “fall off” diets and fail if the word is defined as “a means to loose weight or body fat.”

    In order to loose abdominal fat one must cut calories, which will help to “shrink” the stomach. (Much simpler than staples). I also endorse “quality” supplements in vitamins and minerals. No “quick weight loss” pills.

    Lastly, it is important to add to a fitness program some abdominal work – crunches are always good. There are many exercises. This will help to shape the body and build
    muscles in the abs – which in turn will help keep the back strong.

    I haven’t checked out your blog yet so I don’t know anything about it or what you sell.
    I will do that when I get a chance.

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