It’s time to buy my CD or BOOK :)

I promised I’d only advertise on this blog once a month – it’s been longer than that. If you need
help caring for an elderly parent or relative – buy my book! It’s true. It’s positive. It is from
10 years experience caring for my mama until her death. Also covers recovery. I have several copies that are signed (if you are so inclined to want my little signature:)-just email me for those copies.

My CD has AWESOME original music and the best 3 relaxations I’ve done over 30 years in the field.
I have seen people change their lives by simply dedicating small periods of time to “practice, change habits and create new brain cells. If you are STRESSED break the death grip from the wallet and buy something you can really use (Also makes an awesome gift).

Feedback on those purchasing both has been WONDERFUL and I am very happy as I believe in my ventures and love to hear good news! Just check out the website below for more information, samples, feedback from clients and more……come on, DO IT! 🙂

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