On a budget? Check this out.

My darling daughter (married to my eldest son) gave me a great idea. She fixed us some really delicious oriental soup. I asked for the recipe. It was yummy and if the packaging had been deposited in the circular file, no one would ever know it was just an inexpensive creation.

Top raman. Okay, I like it too, but this is way cool.

Put about 6 cups of water into a big pot. Add noodles (when boiling) and spices that come with it. Also add, if you favor a HOT soup, some of those dried red peppers.

When the noodles are cooked then add bok choy, or cabbage, even different kinds of lettuce will do. You have a fantastic bowl of noodles.

If you NEED meat, add pork or an inexpensive meat that will give you what you want. Honestly, I would NEVER have known it was simply top ramen if she hadn’t told me!

It is 10 packages for a buck and not much more for the other stuff. What a great idea.

Thank you my precious Belen!

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