This world is OURS. Please help it by simply taking a trash bag with you when you go outside to enjoy nature. The lake close to my home is still so clean you can see underwater perfectly. However, in the winter the scene is pristine. In the summer when thousands of people visit, it turns into a big trash dump.

For Instance, which scene would you prefer? Fuzzy ducks or trash on water?
fuzzy-geese-42.jpg or
trash-3.jpgtrash.jpgA scene simply of nature, or empty beer cans and trash littered along the way?

Yesterday I saw both. That wasn’t the worst! Paper plates strewn all over along with toilet paper everywhere. Someone had even thrown a roll of it so it was hanging from a tree branch. No excuse.

Bathrooms are provided in various places – at the worst scenario you could be responsible for your own mess and trash it too! Dump the sack of “leftovers” in one
of the dumpsters provided.

If you think that is an icky thought, think about your child or even yourself breezing
through the woods and stepping into a huge outdoor outhouse. YUK!

Please have a little decency for the rest of the world.

One Response to “Help!”

  1. Umm Yusuf Says:

    It’s sad to see people so irresponsible and lazy. I mean, how much effort does it take to find a trash can or dumpster?

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