I Want

I sat down to grab a bite of dinner and happened to turn to Dr. Phil. There was a group of people (family mostly) all together telling what they wanted – what is eating their spirits and making their lives a nightmare. What occurs to me is the first two words that
popped out of everyone’s mouth: I WANT…….

“I want peace.”
“I want to be appreciated.”
“I want to feel worthwhile and respected.”
“I want to be loved.”

Ok. It’s ok to want and desire and dream. What bothers me is that in my life, I have lived by the premise “As ye give, so shall ye receive”. To date, I have every thing I have ever dreamed of in all my life. I am not rich, but I am loved, secure in who I am, with a faithful and wonderful man, happy when I awake each morning, and grateful for all my blessings-big and small.

I was taught to open my heart and give without restraint when possible. Share what I have in energy and material things with others. That is not to say withdraw what is needed for my family survival to give to someone else, but to try to help and be generous with Spirit, love, compassion, empathy and whatever material things I could spare.

What seems to me to be a pattern in 2007 is seeking satisfaction for SELF.

We have tons of self-help books. Gyms and spa’s to help us. We go to lectures on how to improve our self-esteem. Magazine
covers scream of how to get thin and be more beautiful – how to care for ourselves.

Somehow in the search for self, (NOT EVERYONE MIND YOU), we have forgotten the simple act of GIVING OF ONE’S SELF!

The greatest gift we can give is a simple sacrifice of the SELF to aid another, or boost another’s esteem, or visit an ailing grandparent. Mama told me, “I know you love me because you sacrifice your time and energy to help me. You give of yourself!”

AND……honestly, in doing the small things I did to help her I got in return gifts untold. I learned how to age gracefully, how to handle terrible pain with a calm and empowered demeanor. I learned about unconditional love and was given the awesome feeling of having someone look in your eyes and from the bottom of their heart say “THANK YOU. You will never know what you have done for me!”

Today, lift someone’s spirits, give a bit of love, forgive someone for being abrupt or exhausted. (Forgive your SELF too:) Take a breath and tell yourself:
“I will feel better for sharing just a moment of my time trying to solve someone else’s challenge. I will still have time to do the
things I need to do.”

YOU WILL! I PROMISE! IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU TRIPLE FOLD….Maybe not today, but it wil for sure!!!!

5 Responses to “I Want”

  1. marlajayne Says:

    Thanks for this much needed reminder. I have a friend who’s quite ill, and lately I’ve been a little (okay, a lot) negligent in visiting her because I don’t always have a casserole, fancy bread, or seasonal fruit to take to her, and I hate to go empty handed. Your post reminded me that in relationships, sometimes the little things are the big things. I can call…or I can stop by for a visit without the food.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You are so welcome. I appreciate the fact, even if you think you’ve been neglecting your friend, that you visit and take her times at all. So many people just FORGET those who are
    ill or injured. When my husband almost lost his life (and arm) – it was amazing to me how
    few friends stopped by during the year of recovery!
    Thanks for your comments..stop by and say hello again:)

  3. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Hi Marsha,
    As usual, you’ve reminded me of one of the things that should always be important in my life. Sometimes we get self-absorbed and forget the joy we get from being on the giving side of things.

  4. Scope Says:

    Hi! I am back for a while in Singapore. Come specially to support your blog.
    Take care! And keep the pics coming! 🙂

  5. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I appreciate your support Scope. I actually was thinking about you yesterday, so thanks for getting in touch with me! am glad your trip took you home safely!

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